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Duncan Macpherson
Duncan Macpherson

My name’s Duncan Macpherson, and I’m a father of 2 and I also run a successful Amazon business from my home in Abbotsford, BC.

After I quit my corporate job in 2011 and went into business for myself, it was really hard. Money was tight. I was working 14 hours a day for less than I made at my old job. I began dipping into our savings to pay the bills, and my wife had to go back to work part-time just so we could make ends meet.

Worse, my main customer hit financial difficulties, and I went months without being paid for my work! And ended up receiving much less than I was owed too!

After I saw the writing on the wall, I started another business in the same industry. It seemed like a solid opportunity, and I’m sure it was for really outgoing people, but that wasn’t me. I just couldn’t bring myself to do all the networking that was involved and constantly having to meet with clients.

I was frustrated and barely making enough to cover our bills. I knew something had to change, and that this business just wasn’t for me.

Around October of 2014, I received an email that explained how to start my own Amazon business.

I clicked the link, watched the videos but was super skeptical. I didn’t want to get burned again. And I assumed it was only for Americans and wouldn’t work in Canada.

Yet what I saw in their free training series hooked me. You mean, I didn’t have to network and meet with customers face-to-face? I could literally sit on my deck with my laptop, watch the videos and apply what I learned?

They taught me how to source something I was interested in for free and I knew this could be a big opportunity for me.

I didn’t have a lot of money to invest initially, I even had to borrow from my home equity line of credit to get started.

Long story short, six months later? I’d turned Amazon FBA into my full-time income and began making more money with less time spent than in my prior business. Today, I make more than many professionals, working on my own terms on my laptop, where and when I want. While providing an Amazing lifestyle for our family.

. You can visit my website at www.smartfbaincome.com to learn more.

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