Here's how to create your first Shipping Plan on Amazon via Seller Central.

Start with the two videos (linked below) and follow the step-by-step instructions in this post as a guide.

Log into Seller Central ( and select the products you intend to ship.

Under the Inventory link on the navigation bar, you should select Manage Inventory, then you are going to select the product(s) you intend to ship to Amazon.

  1. In the drop down menu select "Send/replenish inventory."
  2. Select the products you intend to ship
  3. Choose Send/Replenish Inventory
  4. Check the Product is FBA


Be sure to check that the product is "Fulfilled by Amazon," by looking at the Fulfilled By column in the Inventory Management tab.

If the product is not fulfilled by Amazon, it will say "Merchant" in this column.


If the product is FBA, walk through the Send/Replenish inventory step.

If the product is FBM, complete the Change Product from FBM to FBA step.

Change Product from FBM to FBA


If the product is listed as FBM, you will need to make sure to convert the fulfillment method. To do this, choose Change to Fulfilled by Amazon from the edit drop-down menu.

On the next screen, look to make sure the Barcode type is labeled [Amazon Barcode].

  1. If sending only a single sku, choose Convert & Send Inventory
  2. If sending multiple skus, choose Convert

Click on the Add dangerous goods information link (in most cases, all the answers will be no).

Submit information.

Then Save & Continue.

Once you have converted the sku you will be redirected to a new screen.

If you chose to Convert & Send Inventory you will be routed to complete "Selecting the pickup address" next. If you chose to Convert only you will need to repeat "Select the Product You Intend to Ship."

Select the Pickup Address

***Important Notes when choosing Case vs Individual:

Case packed is defined as, a single sku per box with the same # of units per case.

Check the processing sheet to find shipping specifications. Ex. (case or individual) packing or number of minimum cases shipped, etc.

Select the pick-up address and the packing type

Set Quantity

Specify the units per case and the total number of cases to be shipped.

If individual packed:

Specify the individual units shipped and Amazon will automate the amount of units in each case.

Prepare Products

You or your Prep company normally do this, so you can select Continue.

Label Products

Specify Product Prep & who is applying the Amazon FNSKU labels. (you/your prep company, or have Amazon do it (they charge $0.20 per item)

Give each shipping plan a name that indicates which brand this shipment is for and then click the Approve Shipments button.

Specify the shipping service

Test UPS and FedEx to see if there is a significant price difference.

Specify the shipment packing (Box Content Information)

If this is your first time doing this, watch Amazon's video here

Create Box Content Labels

Amazon requires that we affix a label to the outside of the box that can be scanned by Amazon and will tell them what the contents of the box are.

Accept the Shipping Charges

Print Shipping and FBA Labels and apply to boxes

COMPLETE the Shipment