There isn’t a lot of help out there for Canadian Amazon sellers. Which was why I started my website Facebook group in 2015 with just 20 members. Today, we have over 4,700 members and growing! That's incredible to me. is growing rapidly and is becoming more viable for sellers to make money every year. While I focus most of my sales on, many sellers from our community make decent money selling to fellow Canadians right here at home.

The US marketplace is much larger than Canada’s of course and you can also sell your products internationally to the entire world from, unlike Amazon Canada that only ships within Canada. Because of the massive difference, it’s easier to generate an income from

So where should you sell? Why not both Canada and the US.

The biggest obstacle for Canadians looking to sell in the US is figuring out how to get their products over the border. It can be complicated when starting out, and you don’t know what information to trust. It’s why I created a course and wrote the eBook How to Sell on from Canada. It covers everything a Canadian needs to know to start selling on Including how to ship from Canada to the US, how to source within the US and use “prep companies” to receive inventory and send to Amazon for you. This is huge, as you don’t need to ship anything over the border.

I even include sample paperwork forms you’ll need to complete, and services that will take your parcels over the border for you for a small fee so you don’t have to deal with customs yourself.

So check it out and see how far you can grow your Amazon business as a Canadian! The sky's the limit!