Are you Canadian and ready to sell on Amazon Canada? If so, read on.

And by the end of this post, if you follow the steps you’ll be ready to start selling on Amazon.

Most importantly, you should register from the Canadian side. Canadian Amazon sellers pay only $29.99 CAD/month for a professional account. By contrast, US sellers have to pay $39.99 USD/month ($53 CAD approx.). As a result, you save money just for being Canadian. Not bad, eh?

And the best part is, you get also access to sell on .com and even Mexico as well as Canada. Pretty sweet, right?

How to register for an Amazon Seller Account from Canada

  1. First go to:
  2. Next, you’ll n need to select the type of account you want (don’t worry, you can upgrade later if you change your mind) Professional or Individual (best if you plan on selling under 20 items in a month)
  3. Provide Amazon with the requested information, and you’re almost set
  4. Be prepared: Amazon might ask for copies of a utility bill and a drivers license to verify you. Have those ready to take picture and upload.
  5. Now, wait for amazon to approve your account.
  6. Once approved, you can go out and find some stuff to sell (read my other articles for ideas on what to sell)

Congratulations! As a result of following these steps, you’re now an Amazon seller and are ready to make some money.

I do realize this is a VERY basic overview of how to sell on Amazon Canada. However, if you’re serious about learning more, consider enrolling in my training.