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My new Tesla - This car is COOL!

Almost five years ago I began selling on Amazon. I started out with arbitrage (buying items from retailers both in store and online). While the treasure hunt was fun, it was a lot of work for the results I achieved. I realized that I needed to find a more steady source of inventory if I wanted to scale my business.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Brand restrictions prevent you from being able to sell many items
  • IP infringement warnings and being booted off listings
  • Fierce competition and “race to the bottom” as prices tank
  • Your “Private Label” product now has 30 other variations selling for almost your cost
  • Never-ending struggle to grow your sales
  • Trying to run ads and perfect your keywords
  • Getting reviews for your product

I rarely experience any these frustrations now. And I make a high six figure income working less than 20 hours a week “in” my business. I couldn’t have done this without adding wholesale and representing brand owners though.

Reasons I LOVE the Wholesale model:

  • Completely hands off – I have items shipped direct to Amazon or Prep companies
  • Just a few accounts pay most of my living expenses each month
  • I have permission from the brand owners to sell their products and invoices/letters to back it up if Amazon ask
  • My business continues to grow with limited input from me
  • Relationships with my suppliers and agreements give my business investable equity when it comes time to sell
  • Placing orders each month for replenish-able inventory takes very little time = FREEDOM business
  • No worries about IP infringements or being barred from selling ASIN’s

My wholesale for beginners course is the best way to learn how to get started with wholesale.