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When I meet new people and make conversation, the inevitable "what do you do?" conversation is usually asked at some point. Typically, I answer in one of a few ways.

  • I'm self employed (this leaves it open ended and allows them to ask more if they're interested in hearing more or not)
  • I'm an eCommerce specialist
  • I sell on Amazon and teach others how to do the same

Sometimes the conversation stops as soon as I answer. And on other occasions an hour later we're still talking (typical with small business owners)

Yesterday, I decided to have some fun and replied that I've been unemployed for the last seven years. They told me that they're sorry to hear that. I said "No need to feel bad. I make a healthy six-figure income without needing a job."

The look on his face was priceless. I could see the wheels turning.

I imagined him wondering Did he sell a business? Inherit money? Invest well and is living off of the proceeds? Drug dealer?!

Before he could ask, I elaborated that I'm self-employed. Working less than 20-hours a week by selling on Amazon and teaching others how to do the same in my Seller Academy

We got into further details on what selling on Amazon involves, and the various ways to make money doing so. He was completely mesmerized, as I was when I first discovered Amazon FBA.

He went on to tell me how this is the perfect way for him to make more money. He told me that the biggest kick in the pants for him was when he received a "raise" last year after all of the hard work he'd put into his job. After completely turning around his department, finding some fantastic new employees to help run things for them, he received a whopping $35/week raise! He said he's still barely making $50,000 a year even with the raise. And that his wife also works but they're having a very hard time making ends meet.

I can see why. Living in British Columbia isn't cheap! Groceries, rent, housing prices, car insurance, gas, sales taxes (12% combined), income taxes, child-care etc. all add up very quickly. And leave very little left for many families at the end of the month.

I'm happy to report that he joined my Seller Academy and is on his way to learning how to create financial and job independence right now. I love helping others discover ways to escape the rat race and obtain the freedom we all deserve.

To YOUR Success!